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TEEN CAMP: Session T1



Join us for our week-long summer culinary camps.

While aimed at teens, these camp sessions are designed to be challenging as we will introduce fairly advanced culinary techniques. 

An around-the-world tour is the goal in our International Cuisines Camp where we will explore the cuisines and traditional cooking techniques of Italy, China, Japan, India, and Morocco. 

Our Kitchen Fundamentals Camp mirrors our adult Kitchen Techniques Series by focusing on the foundational skills required in any professional culinary school. The session starts with a full day of intensive Knife Skills, where we learn about the types of knives and the different professional cuts. This is followed in the subsequent days with Soups and Stocks, Dry Heat Cooking, Moist Heat Cooking, and lastly the Mother Sauces.

The teen Baking Camp is an opportunity to sift, whip, and bake our way to some extremely tasty, (but also challenging!) treats while getting in some piping practice. 

All sessions start with an introduction to kitchen safety and knife skills. Monday through Friday, 9:30a to 12:30p.

Session T1 - International Cuisines (June 26 - June 29)

Session T2 - Kitchen Fundamentals (July 17 - July 21)

Session T3 - Baking (July 31 - Aug 4)

Session T4 - International Cuisines (Aug 14 - Aug 18)

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