Baltimore Chef Shop was created by husband and wife duo, Chef Scott Ryan and Gwynne Ryan. In 2015, they decided to dive into the deep end and realize their longtime dream of opening a teaching kitchen. Here is their story.

chef scott at his alma mater, and his first teaching gig, cambridge school of culinary arts

Chef Scott Ryan has a passion both for cooking and for teaching. A natural born educator, he spent a decade after graduating from culinary school teaching culinary arts at the collegiate level. He honed his practice as an instructor at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Cambridge MA, the Art Institutes in Arlington VA, and at Stratford University in Baltimore MD. His dream from the very start was to eventually open his own teaching kitchen.

Pulling from the models of the various professional culinary programs in which he worked, he and Gwynne created the unique experience that can only be found at Baltimore Chef Shop. Opening its doors in Hampden in 2015, Baltimore Chef Shop provides intimate-sized recreational cooking classes, rigorous hands-on learning, and a focus on traditional culinary techniques from around the globe.


While Chef Ryan’s passion for teaching techniques and international cuisines can be found in the range of classes offered, Gwynne Ryan’s input is manifest in the focus on the client.

With customer service at the heart, she designed the kitchen space to resemble that of a home kitchen, with equipment and tools that are accessible to the home cook. Gwynne also oversees the hiring and training of the stellar kitchen staff in order to ensure that every guest is welcomed into a warm and non-pretentious environment that accommodates cooks of any skill level. Pushing against the trend to ‘pack em in’, class sizes are kept small so that guests don’t feel lost in a sea of people, and even the most timid cooks can be empowered in the kitchen.

Through it all, their goals have remained steadfast: to run a business that people love to be a part of; to provide an opportunity for people to learn something new every time that they come to the kitchen; and to welcome their guests warmly each time. All are welcome at the Baltimore Chef Shop.