What is Baltimore Chef Shop?


A dream concocted by a Chef and his wife.


Chef Scott was a natural born teacher with a passion for cooking. Spending 10 years instructing future chefs in culinary schools, he often wondered what it would be like to run his own teaching kitchen. His wife? Well, she was no slouch either and the two of them were determined to see what could happen.


When our twins hit an age where they could pitch in, we decided to see what was possible and started inviting people into our own kitchen: putting out a sign on our front porch on a Saturday or Sunday and seeing who would stop in for a class. It was an immediate hit. We were in heaven getting to meet great people and spending time cooking with new friends who would come by for a few hours in our home.

Word spread and our pop-up classes soon started selling out: our kitchen sometimes unable to contain all who would show up to learn how to use a knife or make some Naan. Very quickly our ‘what if’ became a ‘Let’s do it!’  

We found a vacant spot right around the corner from our house on the Ave in Hampden. A space we could build out to feel like a home kitchen, but legally able to operate. The goal: to provide a place where people could come together for a fun morning, afternoon, or evening of cooking together and learning something new.

Wife built the website, Chef built the curriculum, and we both spent evenings tiling the walls and hanging shelves (The kids? Let's just say they got to watch a lot of movies in the empty kitchen while we worked). It was a family affair and one that is built u[on passion: passion for food, cooking, and each other. We hope you will join us!