What an incredible experience I had learning the art of making sushi. Baltimore Chef Shop has a welcoming, attentive, personable and helpful staff. Chef Tess guided us through the recipes for the evening which included miso soup, chopped salad with carrot ginger dressing and sushi of course. We had a multitude of fresh ingredients many of which we chopped and prepared ourselves! We made a variety of rolls with fresh shrimp, eel, salmon and tuna. Along the way I learned many new general cooking skills and Japanese cooking techniques. I can’t say my rolls were as aesthetically pleasing as some of my table mates. Nonetheless, this was a fun and tasty learning experience!
— Kate L. (3.8.18) on Yelp
Marvelous!!! I’ve taken a few classes and they are always fascinating...the instructors are gracious and knowledgeable and the atmosphere warm and inviting...
— Candie A. (2.4.18) on Google Reviews
I have taken six classes here so far, and they have all been amazing! I highly recommend the knives101 class first, as it will make all future classes you take more efficient and makes for great practice! Every time I take a class here, I learn a ton of new things, eat an amazing meal, meet cool folks, and in general have an amazing day. By far my favorite activity in Baltimore, you should absolutely sign up today! My next class will be classic French desserts in March, and I am beyond excited. I’ll add that the staff and customer service are impeccable and compassionate past expectations. If you want to impress your friends, family, or romcom love interest, take a class here and blow their mind in the kitchen. See you there!
— Erica M. (01.28.18) on Yelp
Want a fun way to spend an afternoon? If you like to cook or want to learn how, The Baltimore Chef Shop is the place to be. So far my wife and I have taken the Knife Skills class and the Seasonal Soups and Stocks class, and are going back for more. We had a blast! Chef Charlotte is an exceptional teacher and makes cooking fun. In addition to being extremely educational, the classes are casual, festive and fun. If you’re planning to be in Baltimore and you’re looking for something to do, check out their website and register for a class.
— drothermel61 (1.22.18) on TripAdvisor
Such a fun time! The chef and his assistants were awesome, we learned how to make crepes and for each area someone was unsure of (ie, knife skills, etc) the chef stopped everyone and provided a demonstration. Definitely will be going again.
— Kel F. (9.11.17) on Facebook
Paella class was amazing!!!! We came as a family and enjoyed the food and the class!! Thank you so much!!!
— Danielle B. (8.7.17) on Facebook
Took kids to pasta class and it was the BEST experience. The teacher, Chef Charlotte, was FANTASTIC!!! And the cleanest kitchen I have ever seen.
— KT E. (7.15.17) via Google Reviews
I had a great time and learned a lot. We took one of the pasta making classes. Highly recommended.
— Phillip W (7.7.17) on Facebook
Great team building activity! There was a group of 11 of us that were in Baltimore for a conference, a night of cooking was just what we needed. The set-up was perfect and everything was thoughtfully organized. We all worked together to prepare 4 different items. Chef made everything look so simple and lent a hand when needed. The cheese tray was a great addition, which we were able to snack on as we cooked. Thank you for the great experience and wonderful food!!
— Christine D. (6.30.17) on Yelp
My husband and I had a wonderful evening learning to make several vegetarian Indian dishes last week. It was educational, fun and delicious!!
— Linda L. (6.23.17) on Facebook
I could talk all day about how much fun my mother-in-law and I had at Baltimore Chef Shop. I bought a Couples Cook gift certificate for her Christmas present and I nailed it. We both LOVED the Moroccan cooking class. They were very responsive to my emailed questions prior to using the gift code. We received an informative email prior letting us know how to prep (closed to shoes). When we arrived we were greeted with friendly faces, carefully prepped work areas and a warm, bright kitchen. All supplies were within reach with carefully provided ingredients. We tackled our recipes with the guidance of Chef Skiz Fernando. He was obviously very knowledgeable about the topic, yet still had the friendly, humorous attitude that made the class fun. He’s like a non-pompous, friendly Bourdain After completing our recipes, we sat outside on the deck, enjoying our Chicken Tagine, couscous, tomato soup and carrots. For me, it was better that I did not drink alcohol while cooking (I wanted to focus on this new type of cooking) but its BYOB, so knock your socks off. It’s kinda fun to not have to wash dishes either! Can’t wait to go back!
— Angie B. (5.2.17) on Yelp
I took the dim sum class yesterday, and it was a great time. Chef Charlotte was personable and friendly, and very willing to help anybody with anything. If I had one quibble, it was that I would have preferred another dim sum over fortune cookies. However, having said that, I have to say that they were the best fortune cookies I’ve ever tasted in my life! I would very much recommend classes to anybody who is considering taking one. If you are in a relationship and can do the couple’s classes, those are also a lot of fun too. Thank you so much for the wonderful time!
— Janci K. (4.24.17) on Facebook
We’ve been 3 times and had a blast 3 times. This place gets my full recommendation
— Benjamin, (4.16.17) on Facebook
We had a fantastic evening with friends at the Chef Shop. Menu was great, equipment was excellent and food was terrific! This is a great experience for a date night or group event.
— Beth E. (4.8.17) on Facebook
I took my boyfriend to the pasta making class as a Valentine’s Day gift. We had so much fun and learned a lot! You definitely get your fill of food too. Will definitely be back to learn & eat more
— Chris T. (3.7.17) on Facebook
My boyfriend and I took the couples sushi class and it did not disappoint. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it! In addition to our sushi we had miso soup, salad, and tempura shrimp. Chef Charlotte was incredibly knowledgeable and an amazing instructor. We will definitely be going back for another class!!!!
— Danielle B. (2.12.17) on Facebook
fun pasta making class, super informative and we were all successful at it! thanks for a great learning experience. well planned classes, i’ll be sure to take another soon.
— Laura P. (2.10.17) on Facebook
My son and I took the homemade pasta class with Chef Charlotte this weekend and LOVED it! It was fun and very educational! We went home and made pasta for the rest of the family the next night and it actually worked! It was delicious and we were so proud of ourselves! Thanks so much! Great class!
— Sue C. (1.22.17) on Facebook
My husband sent me to the knife skills class as a Christmas gift. It was fabulous! Learned a lot! Can’t wait to attend another class! Will highly recommend to my friends!
— Jackie B. (1.9.17) on Facebook
I’ve been to chef shop a handful of times and each time while a very different experience it was always fun. The first time was a macaroon making class I did on my birthday because it’s a skill I always wanted to have. It was early in the day and since it was a dessert we were allowed to take some home with us. The instructor was patient with those of us who were novice and we learned a lot of really cool new things. The second time was for a pasta making class and it was in the evening and lasted a lot longer than I expected. By the end of the class I was starving but the experience was great and actually makes me want to make fresh pasta at home! The most recent time was the most enjoyable. It was a private event so the attention from the chef was great and he taught us a lot of kitchen skills including all of the ways to hold a knife. Overall we made a fantastic meal that I will be recreating parts of thanks to having the recipe emailed (didn’t get that before)! I can’t wait to see what else they have on their calendar that I can take advantage of!
— LaToya H. (1.1.16) on YELP
I attended the Thai Street Food class on 11/18. I received a gift certificate to the class for my birthday- we had tried to sign up for one of the couples cooking classes, but they fill up super fast, and one of the chef’s told us that doing a group class was a similar experience so we went for that instead. I’m really glad we did because it was SO MUCH FUN!

There were two big tables of participants (about 8 people per table) and each table was given a list of five recipes - Appetizer, soup, salad, a main meat course, and a dessert. We then were told to split up the recipes between ourselves as we saw fit and get to work. The class is a lot more independent than I thought it would be- you’re kind of just set loose to prepare your recipe, with chefs available for you to question throughout the evening. The chefs were really nice, and obviously extremely knowledgeable without being condescending. The equipment was all top notch, and the ingredients were all fresh and well presented. The stove is also HUGE and definitely the nicest one I will probably ever cook on.

The place is BYOB, so we brought a bottle of wine- wine glasses are provided, so no need to worry about stashing cups in your purse. They can’t package up food for you to take home, but that wasn’t really an issue for our table because we devoured everything on the table- the food turned out great!

I wouldn’t really recommend this class if you’re truly a beginner (like, you have only cooked kraft mac and ramen before), but if you have basic cooking skills I think it’s a great experience, and you could learn a lot! We will definitely be returning for round 2.
— Amanda B. (11.22.16) on Yelp
I came here for a Yelp Elite event and was super nervous; I love to cook and grew up in restaurant kitchens, but I didn’t know what to expect at all. All of my worries melted away when I was welcomed warmly upon arrival by my instructor for the evening, Chef Joseph. Chef Joseph has a pretty impressive resume (READ: THE FRENCH LAUNDRY), and was a pretty phenomenal teacher. He was funny and down to earth, and I really enjoyed his teaching style since he incorporated science and “fun-facts” into the lesson.

My favorite part of my night here was obviously making the pasta, but I also prepared a delicious Italian chopped salad and got to learn some new knife skills. My fellow Yelpers were friendly and we all helped to create a delicious meal that we sat down and ate family style!

Chef Joseph told us a but about the offerings at the Chef Shop, and I’m absolutely interested in the menu-style lessons (like this one) for $65/person; it’s BYOB, you learn a lot, the food is great, and you walk away with recipes and a serious sense of accomplishment! I’m already trying to get some friends together to take the french macaron class for christmas!
— Caitlin C. (11.15.16) on Yelp
I really love taking cooking classes at the chef shop. It’s such a novel idea and the chef instructor is wonderful and very knowledgeable.
— Karen N. (10.25.16) via email
Had an awesome time learning to cook southern with a team of chefs in the kitchen.
— Sherri J. (10.13.16) on Facebook
My wife bought this for us to do for my birthday. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Friendly and helpful staff. Love the feel of the place and the food was amazing. We will definitely be back!
— Ryan V. (10.9.16) on Facebook
Attending the Chef Shop was a gift for our anniversary and it was a great gift! We attended the session on cooking Moroccan last Friday night and it was fabulous. Eight Strangers came together and cooked a wonderful meal with the help of a trained chef. A great place to learn, meet new people, and go out for dinner.
— Barbara O. (9.19.16) on Google
We loved our experience at Baltimore Chef Shop. A group of us took the Spanish Tapas class and had the best time. Our teacher was amazing and helped us prepare the best meal. Couldn’t have asked for a better time! Thanks again for having us!
— Lindsey N, (9.6.16) on Facebook
My son and I took the sushi class last night - our first cooking class ever - and it was great. Super nice instructor, fun people, good food!
— Paula S. (7.31.16) on Facebook
This place was AMAZING! We participated in a private crepe making class for my sister’s bachelorette party. From the second we got there, we were welcomed warmly into the kitchen and were made to feel right at home. Chef Joseph was extremely knowledgeable and passionate and was patient with each and every one of us no matter what our cooking level was at. We were all amazed at our final product. We would all go back in a heartbeat!
— Gillian N. (5.2.16) on Yelp
This place is great!! They helped us organize a team building cooking contest. We had fun. We learned a lot. And we even visited the Wine Source for a nice pairing . It is worth every dollar spent for the instruction and the fun... then the awesome food that resulted and we ate together there was like a bonus designer meal !!
— OLPH Salt of the Earth (4.20.16) on Google
Had lots of fun in the Knife Skills class! Thanks Chef Jonathan!
— Max C. (4.11.16) on Facebook
Thank you SO much to Hanna for helping make our night possible and amazing! We had an awesome time tonight making homemade pasta. Everyone that was there helping including Chef, Dylan (hope I’m spelling that right) and Chef’s student were all amazing and we had a great time! I would recommend this place to anyone! So clean, helpful and fun! We’ll be back!
— Lisa T. (4.6.16) on Facebook
Went to the Baltimore chef shop with my husband, sister and brother-in-law for a sushi making class, I got it as a Christmas present for everyone, we had a great evening, the staff were friendly & professional. Make sure to take however much wine, beer or whatever it is you want to drink as can drink while cooking and eating. Great idea for a date or a group night out.
— Asia J. (3.16.16) on YELP
Learning how to cook mouth watering pork buns, dumplings, and spring rolls with our daughter is so much fun. Parent and me class is a great bonding time with your child. We will definitely do this again.
— Weiss S. (3.8.16) on Facebook
I highly recommend the Baltimore Chef Shop! Had an outstanding experience with the vegan soups class. The setting was intimate and the instructors were outstanding. Lots of hands on experience and personal instruction. I also really appreciate that vegan and vegetarian cooking classes are offered. I can’t wait for my next class!
— Sara W. (1.14.16) on Facebook
Great food, great instruction from Chef Scott Ryan! It was a totally fun experience!
— Timothy V. (12.6.15) on Facebook
Had an amazing time! Scott was amazing! we met great people had a blast. Food was delicious. Will definetly be booking again.
— Ashley B. (7/25/15)
Thanks to Chef Ryan I just made my own sushi!!! Score!!! Thanks again.
— Kelly M. (3/14/15)
Went to the Indian cooking class and had a great time. Chef Scott was very patient and catered to the skill level of the class well. Made a delicious meal that we hope to recreate at home soon! Highly recommend.
Marni S.
Jan. 11, 2015
— Marni S. (1.11.15)
Took a knife skills class with Chef Ryan in his private, in-home kitchen. It was like hanging out with a friend but learning a professional chef’s tricks of the trade (of which, he has many) at the same time, so what could be better? We sliced and diced various fruits and veggies, then at the end of the class we tossed it all in bowl and Chef Ryan whipped up a quick and delicious vinaigrette and demonstrated how to properly dress a salad (another one of his tricks that had nothing to do with knife skills but he was all to happy to show us just the same) and then we all sat down on the back patio with our freshly prepared salad, a glass of wine, and some wonderful conversation. What an enjoyable afternoon. I will definitely be taking more classes with Chef Ryan in the future. Bon Appetit!
— Carol M. (7.21.14)
Chef Scott is AWESOME! My friends and I enjoyed a Birthday Cooking Class in the privacy of my friend’s home for her birthday. It was a very memorable experience. Chef is so professional and he brings everything you need for your cooking session. I definitely will be hosting a cooking class soon...Thanks Chef Scott!
— Lita J. (1/18/15)
Even though the shop seems a bit tight, it actually has a great amount of room. There is a upstairs and downstairs area for all the “Chef in training” to utilized so it’s not too crowded! The employees at the Chef shop do a great job making sure we have all we need on our table before we come and that was wonderful! They have every utensil and cookware you may need to make your meal come to life!! I didn’t realize that making sushi would be so time consuming but I have to say it was such an amazing experience. As a group we made miso soup, salad, and had to cut up all the fillers for the sushi! We all took part in cutting the eel, salmon, tuna, shrimp and all the veggies to come up with the finishing product. It’s such a great event to do to meet new people and learn a few new recipes!! Oh and since the event was BYOB you know we had a wonderful time drinking a few glasses while we prepared the magic food we all worked hard to accomplish!! Baltimore chef shop you will see me again!!
— Whitley D. (3.8.18) on Yelp
We had a wonderful time! We took the Cooking Chicken 5 Ways and it was a blast! We loved how interactive and fun the class was. Chef David was great at explaining and helping, but we were also allowed to work independently and learn how to really do things ourselves. The atmosphere was welcoming and enjoyable. We will definitely be back for another class!
— Nicole A. (1.21.18) on Facebook
This place far exceeded my expectations. Tonight we made Korean street food with Chef Fernando. He’s a fantastic chef/instructor and we’d take any of his classes again. The other people in our class were fun and energetic. Everyone chipped in on the various dishes and we had great conversations during our meal. I thought it was going to be difficult to make so many dishes during our three hours but everything came together perfectly. Chef let us take in any task and jumped in when he saw we needed help. The meal was delicious. The flavors came together just right. It was like a four star meal made by just normal people. I’d take another class with Chef Fernando any time. I can’t wait to go back this place again. What a fun night!
— Leo L. (1.6.18) on Yelp
We loved it. We did the pizza, calzone and Stromboli class. There was so much to do but it was made so fun. The end results were delicious. I cannot wait to take another class. This could easily become my new hobby.
— Stacy D. (9.4.17) on Facebook
The experience was top notch. The Chef was very hands on answer all questions and showing different techniques. Everything that was needed to prepare the meal was on the table. And someone washed all of the dishes. The meal itself was amazing!
— Cheryl K. (8.6.17) on Facebook
The Vegetarian Indian Cooking class was fabulous. It was very interactive, working in pairs and as a team. Chef Joseph provided us with lots of brief demonstrations, as we were all working on our dishes, and the information was useful for all kinds of cooking. We’ve been vegetarian a long time, and this was the best cooking class we’ve ever taken. The entire class was wonderfully informative and fun, and the food was delicious. We can’t wait to try another class.
— Wendy S. (7.17.17) on Facebook
My boyfriend and I took the couples Chinese Take-Out and had a wonderful time. Chef David was very knowledgeable, friendly, and funny. The food was amazing as well!
— Britt A. (7.2.17) on Facebook
We absolutely loved the parent and me pasta class! I have taken many classes with my daughter over the years and we both said this was by far our favorite! Chef Charlotte was informative and engaging. She taught us a lot while we had a great time. The food turned out incredible and we are hooked! Thanks again! We will be back... Hoping you will do a doughnut or pizza class for kids in the future!
— Sara B. (6.13.17) on Facebook
After using cooking knives for over 50 years, it was time to use them properly if I intend to also improve my diet by cooking more. The Knife Skills 101 class was just what i needed. Informative, with sufficient time to practice the instruction and receive constructive feedback, and lots of fun.
— Jane A. (5.22.17) on TripAdvisor
Chef Charlotte and then entire staff were great. Such a fun night cooking!
— Caryn K. (5.6.17) on Facebook
Had a great time at the Dim Sum class on Sunday. The Baltimore Chef Shop is a real gem: the space is well-designed, sparkling clean and well stocked. The staff were engaging and helpful. It was a real treat to nosh on our appetizers after all the work was done.
— Lenora G. (4.24.17) on Facebook
So much fun! The couples sushi class was awesome and we had so much sushi we were stuffed. The chef was personable and made it so comfortable. Definitely go if you have the chance, we plan on going back!
— Hannah M. (4.22.17) on Facebook
My daughter and I attended the parent and me pasta class. Chef Charlotte and assistant Eliot were fantastic class leaders and willing to answer any and all questions. The space is compact but very clean and well organized. Beyond the kid-friendly classes, the choices are fantastic and I can’t wait to try another.
— Michele S. (4.18.17) on Facebook
My sisters and I took the Crepes class and it was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend this for a fun, interactive and informative day or night out! I learned a ton and had so much fun. The food and amazing chefs are a bonus!
— Lorraine S. (4.9.17) on Facebook
Such a fun experience! My husband and I took the Indian vegetarian cooking class. We learned a lot, and the instructor was very knowledgeable and patient! We cannot wait to try another class.
— Julie P. (3.20.17) on Facebook
My daughter and I took the parent and me baking class with Chef Trevor. Plenty of space, plenty of assistants, instructions were easy to follow and the food was delicious. She’s already asked to go back. Best of all we get copies of all the recipes to make the great food again. A wonderful experience for both of us!
— Katie P. (2.19.17) on Facebook
Just home from a great night of Southern cuisine, it was fun, informative and delicious! Such a great way to spend and evening. Can’t recommend enough! Thank you.
— Ashley I. (2.10.17) on Facebook
Such a fun night. Got this as a Christmas gift. My boyfriend and I took the Indian Cooking Class. I loved that we made so many dishes, and it’s BYOB so you can sip wine as you cook. I liked that the instructor would pause and do tutorials so everyone could learn major cooking techniques together. The final product was delcious and overall a really unusual and fun way to spend an evening. We will definitely be making the recipes again.
— Sara J. (2.5.17) on Yelp
Very good experience and excellent time with friends. I will likely attend more classes in the future.
— Alicia K. (1.9.17) on Facebook
A great way to spend an evening if you are solo, with a friend or a whole group. The instruction was helpful but not officious and the food was wonderful. I learned a lot about the spices and techniques used. BBYO to add to the fun!
— FKHFamily (1.10.17) on TripAdvisor
Had been wanting to try this place out for awhile now, so when a friend said she wanted to do her birthday event there I was game to go! The establishment is on the smaller side, soon as u walk in the door you walk into the kitchen. I would also recommend arriving on the earlier side only due to parking.

Since I attended a private event the menu was a full meal. There was demonstrations throughout the entire prep and cooking process. We even where taught some basics like knife skills and how to chop and onion. By the end of all the work we had enough food to feed everybody and then some. It is BYOB so if you would like to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner make sure to bring a bottle. I look forward to attended another class and focusing in on specific culinary skills.
— Brittany W. (1.9.17) on Yelp
We had a great time learning to make Chinese food. DELICIOUS! Our head chef/instructor Travis was super knowledgeable, personable and enetertaining. The staff was also very cool and helpful. I highly recommend this experience.
— Mark S. (1.1.17) on YELP
My new favorite place in Baltimore. So much fun for a client dinner. The house is amazing and instructors are very patient. Will be back.
— Christina K. (11.21.16) on Yelp
First time visitor tonight and it will definitely not be my last. For my first experience I took the homemade pasta class.

One night, starting with eggs flour and olive oil and ending with a truly delicious treat. The chefs and supporting staff were top notch, the facility was clean, well-organized and fully-stocked with fresh beautiful produce, meats, cheeses, and herbs.

The intimate atmosphere here was great for meeting new people, exchanging ideas. Everything is set up to be educational while maintaining a fun, lighthearted time.

You can take single classes or class series. You can come alone, come with a friend, or rent out the whole place (minimum of 10 people). Everyone I met was nice and professional. Everything I experienced will stick with me for a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and attend. You will not regret it. You will leave with a full head, full heart and full belly.

Special props to chef Joseph. He was great!
— Kelly B. (11.14.16) on Yelp
An amazing experience during the parent and me cooking class. My 10 yr old daughter made her own pasta from scratch! She did everything herself and it was delicious! Couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. Will totally be doing another class in the future. Thanks Chef Charlotte and Baltimore Chef Shop.
— Jeremy A. (10.31.16) on Facebook
This is my fourth class at the Baltimore Chef Shop. I enjoyed all of them, but the risotto class was my favorite. I learned useful cooking tips and techniques from Chef Rosario. It was also a pleasure to spend time with him and the other participants. Bravo!
— Amy P. (10.10.16) via email
I spent a very pleasant Sunday morning learning to make french Macarons with Baltimore Chef Shop. The kitchen is bright, sunny, and pleasant, and the class was relaxed, fun, hands on, and very informative. The class was flexible and adaptable enough that it didn’t make much difference what skills we had going in, we all came out with a good working knowledge of macarons and a few extra snippets to help in all our baking. I’ll definitely be back for more classes.
— Amanda M. (8.20.16) on TripAdvisor
We had such a fantastic experience at Baltimore Chef Shop. We took the Couples Cook Vegetarian Indian class and it exceeded our expectations. The Chef leading the class was informative, experienced and helpful. Each student station was setup nicely and all the ingredients were readily available. The atmosphere was clean and welcoming. During our time in class people worked together and we truly learned about the dishes we were making. We look forward to taking another class in the future.
— Jess R. (8.11.16) on Yelp
We had such a great time in the Couples Cooking class last night making scrumptious Thai food. Chef Charlotte and staff provided a wonderful learning experience along with a fabulous menu. It was a unique date night - highly recommend!!!
— Chris W. (7.31.16) on Facebook
I just finished a knife skills class at Baltimore Chef Shop, which was excellent! The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and a good teacher. Not only did he teach the basic skills but provided a lot of great information based on his experience. The shop itself is modest, but very well stocked with good quality utensils and restaurant level appliances. I’m looking forward to taking more classes here.
— Eriks R. (6.12.16) on Yelp
Meticulous in cleanliness, friendliness, and yumminess, the Baltimore Chef Shop is an intimate kitchen venue where skills are honed and stomachs are filled. Chef Scott was patient, knowledgeable and shared his passion for food preparation with the team. If you’re looking for a fun, congenial outing, this is your place!
— Stephen B. (4.28.16) on Yelp
What a wonderful day. Great instructors & Chocolate. A winning combination. Met some nice people and acquired new skills. The space is bright and laid out well. Not crowded and the instructors made sure everyone was attended to. Will definitely be back for another class.
— Pamela V. (4.15.16) on Facebook
Thanks Chef Riq! My daughter and I had a great time at the Parent and Me Handmade Pasta Class. You did a great job engaging the class and kept everyone having fun! We hope to be back for another class soon.
— James K. (4.11.16) on Facebook
Our corporate team just had a friendly “Iron Chef” competition there and it was an amazing experience. From the moment we arrived the group felt at ease in the kitchen, even people who wouldn’t consider themselves cooks. Everything was provided and handy, the equipment top notch (very sharp knives!), and the instructors fantastic

We had a blast making the dishes. Everything came out very well for each of the two teams. We were all impressed when we sat down to sample what we made. It was a truly great day for everyone.

I recommend Baltimore Chef Shop to anyone looking for a fun time with food. I will definitely return when I’m back in the area.
— Timmy B. (4.27.16) on Yelp
Chef Scott is making America Great again. One knife class at a time.

It is enjoyable for the kind of people who have a passion for cooking and doing things the right way. It is also enjoyable for the kind of people with nothing to do on a Thursday afternoon. Lets face it...if you aren’t the first kind of people then you are probably the second kind of people.

The knife class focuses on basic skills in holding and using a knife. Learn the anatomy of a knife. Learn what to invest your money in when it comes to a knife. Learn to care for a knife that you have invested money in. Learn what it means to “julienne”. Learn how much work it takes to be a professional cook. Most importantly...learn how to make magic paste with garlic.

Show up on time. Come to learn. Leave with inspiration. Make America great again.
— Brian O (3.18.16) on YELP
My husband and I participated in the couples Thai cooking class and had a great time while learning some fabulous recipes and techniques! The staff was very helpful and friendly and the food we cooked was delicious! Highly recommend for a fun and different night out!
— Sharon F. (1.10.16) on Facebook
Chinese food class! Chef Ryan was patient with me (as a novice) and the food - dumplings, steamed fish, bok choy, and Kung Pao chicken- was so good. I’m already signed up for the Indian food class.
— Susan L. (8.9.15) on Facebook
My husband and I loved the knife skills class we had in our home in our very own kitchen. Chef Ryan did an exceptional job — both personable and clearly extremely knowledgeable — and I am delighted with my new skills! I have been cooking almost daily for the last 10 years with horrific knife skills — so happy I booked this class. I am looking forward to taking additional courses and continuing to learn and have fun in the kitchen with Chef Ryan. Great experience!
— Joelle B. (7/24/15)
The tapas class was great, very informative and a very relaxed atmosphere. Chef Ryan was supportive and had things prepared for us very well. The meals we created were very appealing and easy to re-create at home. We are looking forward to the Chef Shop opening on 36th street.
— Laura G. (7/25/15)
I had so much fun at today’s knife skills class and can’t wait to try out all of the fun tips and tricks that we learned! Chef Scott Ryan was awesome and I will definitely be signing up for more classes soon!!
— Lauren M. (6/28/15)
Had a great time at couples cooking. The Thai food was fantastic and Chef Scott Ryan was an amazing host. We really enjoyed our time in your kitchen. Thank you again. We can’t wait to come back.
— Dan M. (2.28.15)
Chef Scott Ryan is a great mentor and a friend who without I would not have learned my foundations, mother sauces, knife skills, and above all the drive to succeed. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lesson, this is your Chef! Chef Scott will not just educate you, he also entertains you and builds lasting memories.
— Chris B. (1.3.15)
I’ve taken several classes over the last couple of years including Kitchen Techniques Series class (a must for anyone who wants a good overview of skills from knife skills to sauces and soups it’s great), Art of Chocolate, French Desserts and French Macarons - obviously I have a serious sweet tooth. I’m now working on the savories and just took a friends daughter to the Parent and Me Dim Sum last weekend and had a great time. I’m looking forward to Regional French Cuisine series and another French Macarons class - those buggers are tricky. I grew up with veggies from the freezer and spices from a packet so needed a lot of help in the kitchen. These classes have helped to demystify what I thought were complex cooking methods and provide inspiration in my kitchen. I’ve worked with several chefs there and they’ve all been absolutely amazing. The building is charming, cozy and highly functional for a small space. I’m always amazed at how the classes are perfectly structured to be able to make several recipes, share several varying techniques and get everyone involved in all steps all within a perfect time frame to allow for all participants to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their labor at the end. I’ve been there several times and it has been a great experience every single time.
— Holly B. (1.31.18) on Facebook
My son and I have taken two parent & child classes there. It is amazing! The recipes are delicious and they really teach the children (& you) how to cook using professional techniques. Both of our instructors were professional culinary instructors for adults. The shop is very clean and inviting. We are going to take every parent child class. Sign up early they sell out fast!
— Helen M. (10.7.17) on Yelp
We booked a private chocolates class taught by Chef Scott. He was super informative, and made the class so much fun!! I will definitely be signing up for classes in the future!
— Ashley C. (8.13.17) on Facebook
Took the Moroccan class and not only was the class skillfully guided by our chef in all of the recipe steps, but we also indulged in a delectable meal. I highly recommend this experience!
— Lisa M. (8.6.17) on Facebook
My team and I come to Baltimore every summer for a corporate retreat with our colleagues from across the country. As many of you can imagine, one of the highlights for us is actually being able to go out by ourselves for some “quality” time. Finding fun, reasonably priced team activities can be challenging anywhere—but I am so thankful that we found the Baltimore Chef Shop. Chef Joseph and crew provided a very welcoming and non-threatening environment even for those on our team that were “cooking challenged” with no experience in a kitchen. The menu was well balanced, and his explanations and demonstrations were thorough without being too intrusive. The facility was super-clean, and being able to relax on the patio and gorge on our creations after fine-tuning our pasta making technique was a blast. I have recommended this experience to others in my company and look forward to visiting again.
— Steve W. (7.17.17) on Yelp
The fish class started with a whole fish, which [the chef] showed us in detail how to fillet and how to judge its freshness. We then made two recipes for the fish cooked in parchment paper, and a fast cooked piece of salmon with flavorings. Very enjoyable, and also useful. People are friendly, so going solo was fine
— The_Flying_Chef (7.6.17) on Tripadvisor
It was a surprise fun activity for our work team. I can’t not recommend it highly enough. What great folks!
— Dianne K. (6.30.17) on Facebook
Had an amazing time with Chef Joseph.. will be back for sure.
— Bob L. (6.25.17) on Facebook
We had such a great time making crepes with Chef Charlotte!!!! I highly recommend the Chef Shop! Can’t wait to book my next class.
— Renee J. (6.15.17) on Facebook
I took the Indian cooking class, another American food cooking class (chicken, etc) and the Knife Skills class and all 3 were great. I should have taken the knife skills class years ago, everything is so much easier now. The chef’s/teachers are great and always open to questions. Highly recommended.
— Chiquita433 (6.12.17) on TripAdvisor
What a great time I had with my daughter. This was my Mother’s Day gift from her. We cooked the Mediterranean meal. My first time ever having octopus. I love to cook and to be in a professional kitchen cooking at a professional stove; I was in my glory. Everything was so organized. All the guests were so friendly and our chef; he was a joy to work with. I will be back again for sure.
— Mary D. (6.10.17) on Facebook
We had so much fun cooking regional Mexican cuisine on Cinco de Mayo! Chef Charlotte & Romy were great! Can’t wait to go back.
— Amy J. (5.6.17) on Facebook
Took the Moroccan class. Fantastic class. I really like how it is run. Super clean and organized. Would definitely recommend
— Jen B. (4.30.17) on Facebook
My 13-year old son and I took a donut making class and couldn’t have had a better time. We had a fun group of class participants, and Chef Charlotte was great—knowledgeable, personable and helpful. We got to choose among types of donuts we wanted to make and went with Boston Cream, my son’s choice. These are typically not my favorite donut, but these were honestly the best I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE. I keep dreaming about the cream filling, which almost tasted like flan. So good, I may make again just for that. My son is interested in culinary school, so we plan on taking more classes. Also, super cute kitchen!
— Lisa, (4.18.17) on Yelp
Highly recommend, even if you can’t cook, you will learn and its fun! Travis and Steven did a great job walking us through everything and giving us “cheats” to know when the pasta was done. Relaxing and fun, it was a great way to break up the middle of week too.
— Annie S. (4.11.17) on Facebook
Dim Sum for brunch was the best! I learned some new recipes that I’m excited to try at home, and Chef Charlotte was so much fun!
— Seth B. (3.20.17) on Facebook
My son and I enjoyed both visits. The Chefs are very patient with all my dumb questions. Will likely ask them to host a small company team-building exercise.
— Thomas V. (2.27.17) on Facebook
We had a great evening learning Moroccan Cooking, and special thanks to Chef Joseph for his clear instructions and good humor. The food was amazing! #BaltimoreChefShop
— Bob H. (1.9.17) on Yelp
I’ve never had such an enjoyable time learning a new skill. Amazingly friendly (and knowledgeable!) staff.
— Nathan B. (1.8.17) on Facebook
Thank you for an amazing evening. Food was fantastic, you all are great teachers, and have a wonderful establishment! I’m very glad we had our Christmas party with you this year... Can’t wait to do it again sometime.
— Laura S. (1.3.17) on Facebook
Had a private event here for my birthday. Everything was awesome. Communication was good. The food that we made was excellent. I talked to the chef and planned my menu beforehand. The kitchen is so cute and fully stocked. The chef was very informative. They gave us recipes and split us up into teams to prepare our meals. In between cooking we received live demos, the chef took time to show a new technique or style. After making everything we enjoyed the meal family style. Overall I fully enjoyed this place. And hope to return soon.
— Dee D. (12.30.16) on YELP
Today my son and I took a Knife Skills class with Joseph. It was awesome! The class had a great flow - we learned a lot, we got great hands on practice, and Joseph obviously loves what he does. It’s a nice, casual vibe, and fun to learn with other people. The space is super clean, with an organized and welcoming lay-out. The concept is absolutely thought out from beginning to end. The wonderful aromas from upstairs have me totally wanting to sign up for the dessert class that includes creme brûlée!
— Samira S. (11.21.16) on Facebook
Fantastic Knife Skills class today with Joseph. I will definitely take more classes here.
— Karen B. (11.21.16) on Facebook
Perfect date night!!! Great atmosphere and Charlotte was lovely.
— Sarah K. (11.19.16) on Facebook
Had a wonderful time learning how to cook Moroccan dishes with my work teammates as a team building activity! Wonderful and helpful chef and staff and the food turned out to be so yummy!! Would definitely go again with the hubby!!
— Heather P. (11.3.16) on Facebook
I had a wonderful time learning how to make French Macarons. I’m so glad I never attempted this by myself. French Macarons are so delicate that you really do need this class to help prepare you. Jon, our executive chef, made it a fun and light atmosphere. He was great at teaching a skill and then having the students try next. Of course the best part was all the yummy macarons we got to eat. Looking forward to taking another class here!
— LCMike0604 (10.24.16) on TripAdvisor
My husband and I loved the atmosphere of the place and the entire experience. The Chef was so friendly and inviting and knowledgeable to what we were cooking. And the other gentlemen who were helping in the kitchen very friendly and helpful. Didn’t make us feel like we were not 5 star chefs (even tho we probably were making a huge mess). They were all extremely Happy and Helpful. Genuinely. Not fake. Would recommend to anyone who would like to try a cooking class. From any level of experience.
— Mary D. (9.25.16) on Facebook
This is an awesome self-paced class. Bring a friend, a sweetheart, or go solo. You’re sure to have a blast learning new techniques. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They let you learn to cook, they do a few demos, and they jump in when you need assistance or expert advice. I went solo for the Indian Cuisine night and was impressed by how well our table prepared our meal. Come hungry and ready to earn and cook. I can’t wait to return with my wife. I’m hooked!
— Sinclair C. (7.5.16) on Yelp
My wife and I really enjoyed the couples Chinese take out class. Most of the techniques we learned will be easily transferred to our own kitchen at home. The staff was so friendly, great date night!
— Brendan P. (6.11.16) on Facebook
Chef Scott was amazing for the sushi class very knowledgeable and entertaining will attend again!
— Justin G. (5.29.16) on Facebook
We had a great company team-building session at BCS last week. The staff are wonderful and it is a fantastic experience. Everyone on the team gets to participate and then you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Well organized fun time. Highly recommend it!
— Robert C. (4.27.16) on Facebook
Amazing experience, very friendly and clever staff. Our group of 15 was easily accommodated and we learned a lot.
— Rick G. (4.27.16) on Yelp
We had a sales team building event and it was fantastic. Great staff and the facility was excellent.
— Mark M. (4.27.16) on Yelp
I attended the pasta making class last night and had the best time! It was easy and delicious and we had terrific instruction from our chef and teacher!
— Rachel T. (4.7.16) on Facebook
Tapas Class last night. Educational, low pressure, FUN!!! Master Chef leads the class. Signing up for another class soon. Bringing even more friends next time!!
— Kathy M. (3.24.16) on Facebook
The Baltimore Chef Shop is truly an amazing experience. The chefs are amazing, knowledgable, and willing to help. They make small talk the entire time & allow you to do your own thing. This establishment will always have my service.
— Laura P. (3.23.16) on Facebook
Took a class last night on Moroccan food. Had a great time, learned some new techniques. Scott and Skiz were terrific and the other folks in the class were wonderful. I will definitely take another class.
— Anne P (3.18.16) on Facebook
Just spent a fun evening cooking Indian food during the Indian cooking class I knew ahead of time what foods we would be cooking based on the great class descriptions. however I didn’t realize it would be a group cooking effort. I hardly got to cook/prep (we got stuck with the easiest dish which was just cutting up a few ingredients and mixing them in a bowl). This ended up being fun by the end-but something I think should have been disclosed. Ideally I would have enjoyed learning how to make each dish on the menu instead of breaking of into pairs and spitting up the dishes. Just something to be aware of. Like I said ended up being a super fun evening and met some great people.
— Lizzie L. (3.19.16) on Yelp
I had an amazing experience in the Knife Skills class I recently took at the Baltimore Chef Shop! Loved Chef Ryan...he is well-suited to teaching...funny and very knowledgeable! I can’t wait to take more classes!
— Noel P. (7.28.16) on Facebook
Cooking with Chef Ryan was an excellent experience! It was such a treat to learn new recipes under an experienced chef in a fun and relaxed setting.
— Alysha M. (7/26/15)
Fantastic knife class! Chef Ryan is fun and informative; I learned so much.
— Linda R. (6/28/15)
My husband and I just took the knife class with Chef Scott Ryan. This was a great class, with 8 participants. The class is very hands on (and all hands stayed intact!) and we learned a lot! It was great to practice the techniques. Chef Ryan was a great teacher, as well as being pleasant and patient with our questions. We are looking forward to taking more classes in their new location which will be just around the corner and sounds like an incredible space.
— Sheryl J. (6.28.15) on YELP
Scott is super nice and very welcoming, and a fun teacher. Guess I need to take all the classes ;)
— Bridgett G. (1.20.15)
My friend and I had a wonderful time. We found the Chef to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable, with lots of take home tips that will make this easy to replicate at home. We’re ready to start pouring over the calendar for the coming months to pick out another class! Thank you!
— Beth W. (1.9.15)
My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary with a fantastic knife skills class in our own kitchen! Chef Scott Ryan was extremely accommodating (we had to reschedule once), friendly, a great teacher and clearly a fabulous chef. He brought all the ingredients and knives, taught us basic techniques and helped us whip up a delicious dinner. It was a unique, fun experience that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating!
— Vanessa R. (9.5.14) on Yelp
We had a wonderful time! We first attended the pasta class. We thought we already knew how to make homemade pasta - but this class brought it to a whole new level. We learned great new techniques to make our ravioli and spaghetti turn out perfect - and we even learned a quick delicious sauce recipe. All around - an entertaining afternoon with a purpose. Next, we tried the knife skills class. For the first time in 16 years since it was given to me, I am no longer afraid to use my chef’s knife. Chef Ryan showed us how to hold and use a number of knives properly. With my new-found confidence, I wanted to practice chopping every vegetable in my house. All around it was a very useful course. I would recommend these courses to anyone - from the beginning chef to experienced cooks. I think there is something for everyone here. My husband and I look forward to attending more of Chef Ryan’s classes in the future.
— Lisa C. (11.22.14)
Loved the knife skills class on 12/7/14. Chef Scott is extremely knowledgeable and very nice and his kitchen is beautiful. Looking forward to going back for more classes.
— Mary Beth M. (12.8.14)
Took the knife class with Chef Scott Ryan. I had the best time! Chef Scott Ryan is a very knowledgeable teacher - but the setting was so relaxing and so there was no stress and just fun, fun, fun! I will be taking all of the courses he teaches. Perfect way to learn to cook well without going to culinary school. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a Sunday class and show up with a good wine!
— Holly A, (7.26.14) on Yelp