A spicy complement to your summer cook-outs

Kimchi is a Korean condiment that goes well with much more than a bibimbap bowl. Not only is it good for you (with a high concentration of dietary fiber while being low in calories), it is also pretty easy to make. But plan ahead, as the key step of fermentation means that the taste continues to develop the longer it has been allowed to sit.


1 napa cabbage       
1 gallon of water       
1/4 c. salt                  
2 tbsp sugar             
1/3 c. Korean chili paste
2 tbsp fish sauce
5 scallions
1/2 tsp ginger, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced

Cut the cabbage in half lengthwise and then cute each half into thirds, removing the woodiest parts of the leaf stems. Chop the leaves into 2-inch pieces and place into a large bowl filled with the water and salt.  Let the cabbage sit in the water for 4-6 hours to soften.

While the cabbage is soaking, mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl.  Once the cabbage is soft, drain the water and hand-stir the chili mixture into the cabbage.  Use disposable gloves for this step.

Spoon the kimchi into wide-mouthed canning jars.  This is where the fermentation begins. Let the jarred kimchi sit at room temperature for a couple of days and, when it reaches a taste that you deem is just right for you, it is ready to be refrigerated.

Use this as a spicy condiment on your hot dogs, burgers, and even with your potato salad.  It promises to transform any summertime picnic of BBQ spread!